Monday, January 16, 2017

Chicken today and feathers tomorrow!

It's Ethel Merman's Birthday!


If you have my book THE ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. SCRAPBOOK: The Birth of Animagic, you probably already read about this, but Tony Peters, designer of the early Rankin/Bass series and specials went on to create segments for Sesame Street with his company Instant Miracles, Inc.. I believe that is how this Rosko toy from Rankin/Bass' The New Adventure of Pinocchio wound up in this famous segment that aired over and over again! Tony was a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor. #sesamestreet #jimhenson #rankinbass

Monday Deal!

Today (MLK day), I will include a free dvd disc of Rankin/Bass' The Wind in the Willows with any book order at #windinthewillows

Friday, January 13, 2017


Rankin/Bass' That Girl in Wonderland appeared on the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie January 13, 1974. I will include a dvd disc of the special with any order from now until midnight at My late friend Rhoda Mann did some voice work in the special and she actually taped it from TV on Beta at the time it aired, complete with the commercials and this is the copy I have.  Another Rankin/Bass special that they included a segment from The Wizard of Oz, with Marlo as Dorothy!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday 🎸🎀🎹🎼🎡🎢

This was a great period in the series...well past it!

On disc 70...

Our friend Jackson Bostwick!

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January fun!